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Congratulations on your new web presence and Internet access! Now that you have a space for your Web Page, you'll probably want to know how to use it. First, you'll have to become familiar with the HTML scripting language. There are many good books on the market on this subject. If you're already familiar with HTML, then all you need to do is upload your files to your WWW directory.

You've been sent an email message with your login information and more details about how to access your site while waiting for the official registration process to take place. Meanwhile, you can completely set up your site. If you're viewing this page, you're looking at the default page we use to welcome new webhosting customers to Slip.Net. Once you upload your first page (index.htm or index.html) you won't see this page anymore. Its been saved for you as index.html.orginal  in case you need to refer to it again. Given that your site is now accessible to anyone on the internet, we recommend you change this page as soon as possible.

The best place to get help is our Webhosting FAQ. This document provides extensive help about how to upload files, how to implement advanced features and how to get the most out of your webhosting account. You may also check out our on-line pointers at

Your WWW directory is called public_html, and is available directly off your user space on our system. This is also known as your home directory.

How to upload material to your site

There are several ways to get your html pages loaded to your new web-site. The most common is by ftp'ing the created pages up. Other methods involve using FrontPage or by using a shell account and creating them right online. If you've selected the FrontPage option, please just skip down to the instructions on using FrontPage as it completely eliminates the process of ftp'ing your files up to the server. Here are the basic steps to ftp: - where 'username' is your login in lower case letters.

The Control Center

The Control Center is your central place for configuring and controlling features on your web-site. The control center allows modifications to your account so you must login. You can get to the Control Center by clicking on the 'Control Center' button from the main Slip.Net home page [] or just point your browser to You'll be presented with a number of icons which, when clicked, will take you to a screen displaying and allowing modification and upgrades to your account configuration.
Account Options & Management: Modify/View billing, payment and contact information for your account, change your password, dialup type, and finger options.
Account Upgrades: Add more functionality to your account by purchasing upgrades here. Enable FrontPage Web Authoring, add additional disk space, get a dedicated IP Address, or add as many 'Email Only' accounts as you need.
Email Config: Add POP mail accounts, view/modify your email alias, administrate Domain name email aliases, view/modify email forwarding, and enable/disable finger for your email address.
Web Site: View/upgrade disk space, view general and detailed statistics for your web site, enable/re-install FrontPage web publishing extensions.
We continually update the control center with new functionality so be sure to check back often for new, exciting online utilities and tools.

Support from Slip.Net

Slip.Net technical support is available daily from 7am-11pm, Pacific Time. Our voice phone number is 415.536.6177. We answer most emails within 24 hours so unless you have an emergency, email is the ideal way to ask questions! Our email address is . Please note that we can't be an expert in everything so you may find more expertise in authoring or cgi scripting in various newsgroups or through our own mailing list which is supported by customers. Our support staff can't answer questions about CGI programming but can ensure that your site is set up properly to support all of the features we've announced.

Billing Policies

Slip.Net bills webhosting only customers on a quarterly basis in advance of each quarter. You may have a different billing arrangement if you also have dial-up access from Slip.Net. Your account must be paid before service is delivered. Accounts which have inadequate billing information or where the credit card has expired or been declined are sent automatic emails for several weeks before the account is placed on hold. In order to render an on-hold account useable, you will need to contact our billing department with new information. Slip.Net provides refunds only in the case where Slip.Net has been unable to provide the services promised.
Slip.Net does not provide web hosting services, domain hosting services, or email forwarding for accounts which are no longer paying customers. The InterNIC will bill you directly for your domain registration fees each year. This invoice will arrive via postal mail and is separate from your Slip.Net charges.

Acceptable Use Policy

Slip.Net reserves the right to immediately cancel any account/web-site and refund unused monthly fees if that service is considered in Slip.Net's sole opinion to be harmful to Slip.Net. This includes excessive server use which might impact the availability of service to other customers, the posting of adult or illegal materials or the posting of material so controversial so as to incite attacks on by other hosts on the internet. If you don't agree with this policy, please contact (415.536.6157) for a refund and cancellation of your account.

FrontPage Support

This section is for customers who've chosen the FrontPage authoring support option. If you would like to add this option, please go to the control center and login - you'll be able to upgrade to this capability right now.

Once you create a web in FrontPage on your local Windows machine:

1. Use copy web to upload to your site
2. Open the web you created locally
3. Choose File->copy web
4. You will copy the web you created locally to the web that is empty in your site.
5. use Add to an existing web.

NOTE: When we install FrontPage support, it creates an empty web for you.

Destination Web Server: Your URL
(Use the IP address form until your domain is set up)

Destination Web Name: /
Click on the child web(root web only)
User Name: locha

If you ftp into your site, you will see that there are several directories
that start with an underline. These are special directories needed by
frontpage. Please do not delete these directories without first consulting

Reselling Slip.Net's Web Hosting Services

Most of our customers develop web pages for others. You may resell space on your web-site using subdirectories, links, etc with no additional charges from Slip.Net. Many of our developers, however, want each customer to have their own domain name. This involves an additional account for each customer. To support developers, we offer both a reseller and a referral program. Under the reseller program you pay the bills and charge whatever you want to your customers. Under the referral program, you simply refer customers to Slip.Net and earn free credit towards your bill! If you would like more information, please check out our web page:

Please feel free to use either of the "Powered By" logos below on any site you host here at Slip.Net:

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