Sorry! The program you requested failed to execute!


The Possible causes and troubleshooting tips:
  • Please notify the owner of this page that there is a script error with this page and it should be investigated right away.
  • If you're trying to write your own CGI script and get this error, please check your script for errors:
    • Check your wwwlogs directory and inspect your errorlogs. They'll tell you pretty much everything you need to know.
    • Check that the file is executable by anybody. If not, login to your shell account and run the command "chmod 755 yourscript.cgi"
    • Ensure that your public_html directory is NOT writeable by group or world. If its is writeable, login to your shell account and run the command "chmod 755 public_html".
    • CGI script files MUST have a ".cgi" extension (e.g, script.cgi). Your script can be in perl, shell, C or just about any other language.
    • Try to run your script from your shell account to see if it runs. For perl, type "perl scriptname.cgi".
    • The script must produce a valid CGI header, usually it must print the line "Content-type: text/html" followed by a blank line.
    • When uploading files from DOS/Windows using FTP, select ASCII mode transfer. If you see all kinds of ^M's, you know you've done it wrong.
    • DO NOT put your CGI scripts in a directory called "cgi-bin". The name "cgi-bin" is reserved on our server. If you put your CGI in that directory, the server will never find your script!
    • If you've played around with the .nsconfig or .htaccess file, check for errors in that file and make sure that the file is world-readable.
    • Run the test.cgi script that should be in your DocumentRoot. This will show you if its an error with the server or not. Report any errors to support immediately.
    • Check out the CGI help on the Yahoo! CGI page

    Our support department will not provide CGI consulting. Please don't ask :)

Thank you for using our Server.